19 NOV


16:00  CET



Democracy Great

At Last

Challenging times call for inventiveness and resilience. But are governments equipped to face today and tomorrow’s crises? Civic Hall Brussels, Liberté Living Lab, CitizenLab, the Policy Lab and Dreamocracy invite you to an online summit to learn, discuss and meet around this question.


10+ top international

democracy experts

Robyn Scott


Carina Hallin

 IT University of Copenhagen 

Wietse Van Ransbeeck

Citizen Lab

Ilse Taildeman


Nicolas Stühlinger

Innovation in Politics Institute

Stephen Boucher


Magali Plovie

Brussels Parliament 

Emilie van Haute

Policy Lab

Claudia Chwalisz


Rudy Cambier

Liberté Living Lab

Xavier Troussard

EU Policy Lab

Micah L. Sifry

Civic Hall New York

Lex Paulson*

School For Collective



Thursday 19 November, 16:00-17:45 CET 


 16:00-16:30 CET 

With Lex Paulson, UM6P School of Collective Intelligence

Why democracy’s future lies in collective wisdom - Moderated by Stephen Boucher, Dreamocracy


 16:30-17:15 CET  l  Three Breakout Sessions

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17:15 - 17:45

You will be randomly allocated to breakout sessions, allowing you to meet fellow thinkers, practitioners and activists dedicated to fostering collective intelligence for the common good from all over Europe, and beyond. 

No more Jupiters!

Open  innovation for good.

Magali Plovie
Brussels Parliament Member, 

President Brussels Francophone Parliament 

Claudia Chwalisz
Leading work on innovative citizen participation at the OECD

Nicolas Stühlinger
Innovation in Politics



Moderated by Pr Carina Hallink,  IT University of Copenhagen 

What tech for what democracy?

Rudy Cambier

Co-founder, Liberté Living Lab

Wietse Van Ransbeek
Co-founder,  CitizenLab

Inès Hijazi, co-lead,


Moderated by Pr. Emilie Van Haute ULB / Policy Lab

Will we ever meet again? Designing new spaces for policy innovation

Micah L. Sifry
Founder and President of Civic Hall New York

Xavier Troussard
Head of the EU Policy

Ilse Taildeman
Advisor for Citizen Participation, Brussels


Moderated by Robyn Scott Founder, Apolitical

Real innovations to augment democracy

Civic Hall Brussels, Liberté Living Lab, CitizenLab, the Policy Lab and Dreamocracy invite you to an online summit to learn, discuss and meet around this question.


Flexible solution to 
host offices, events and creativity spaces in the centre of Brussels


300+ civic innovators, and policy makers 



Collective intelligence programme and tools to foster innovation

in politics


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The Civic Hall:  a 'phygital' place and ecosystem to work, think and act for smarter democracies at the heart of Europe

Just a stone’s throw away from the European quarter and Belgian - federal and regional - institutions, Civic Hall Brussels will bring together public and private sector actors committed to addressing societal challenges . 


The Civic Hall Brussels mission is to support ambitious public managers, corporations, civic innovators, civil society organisations, and in general all those committed to better address today’s greatest policy challenges through policy innovation and thus to ensure democracy’s health and future. 


We aim to do so across governance levels represented in Brussels, equipping them with the best collective intelligence technologies, delivered by the top thinkers and service providers, supported by the facilities and magic of a dedicated space.


Civic Hall Brussels will provide tools (shared spaces, app...), opportunities for members of the community and the outside world to meet (meet-ups, brown bag sessions, pitches, keynote speakers from inside and outside the Hall…), proactive pairing of stakeholders, and innovative formats to accelerate change. 

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