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The home for civic 

innovators, policy makers 

and citizens at the 

heart of Europe



Supporting innovative public + private
sector actors committed to addressing
societal challenges

The factors that contribute to our collective inability to meet pressing societal challenges is long: fragmented thinking, polarization, insufficient diversity within policy-making circles, lack of tools and methodologies to foster collective intelligence. 


Various centres have emerged around the world in service to public authorities to address this need, such as Civic Hall New York, Liberté Living Lab (Paris), or Public Hall (London). It is time now for Brussels to develop its own Civic Hall, as a power center for Belgium, Europe and the world, and as a uniquely cosmopolitan city.

The mission of Civic Hall Brussels is to support ambitious public managers, corporations, civil society organizations, and in general all those committed to better address today’s greatest policy challenges through policy innovation and thus to ensure democracy’s health and future. 


We aim to do so across governance levels represented in Brussels, equipping them with the best collective intelligence technologies, delivered by the top thinkers and service providers, supported by the facilities of a dedicated space.



A place to restore trust and shape the future
of democracy via collective experimentation, empowerment and creativity

Civic Hall Brussels will provide spaces for deep work and events, as well as shared spaces, open to diverse audiences, to foster serendipity. It’s an events and social workspace, uniquely equipped to foster innovation; a learning ground; a think-tank; and an accelerator nurturing startups and public actors through intrapreneurship and open innovation programmes.

  • A physical space, in full service to civic innovators and policy-makers, where they can work, meet and learn in one place​

  • Independent, non partisan​

  • Multicultural, multi-generational, with a deep culture of collaboration and engagement

  • 100% focus on the common good and matters of general interest


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  • Just a stone’s throw away from the European quarter and Belgian - federal and local - institutions: closely connected to the most  important institutions, governments and public bodies in Brussels, at the crossroad between 'Brussels-Europe' and 'Brussels-City'

  • Addressing multiple levels of power at local and international level: EU, countries, regions, cities... 

  • Flexible spaces for collaborative work, events and creativity, uniquely  equipped for collaborative leadership and facilitation


A mix of private and public innovators
in residence 
+ professionals and citizens
from multiple horizons


Civic innovators and policy makers

in residence


Open to the general public and 


A hub for GovTech, CivicTech and impact entrepreneurs from the private and public sectors, with a great diversity of expertise: political science and policy-making, design thinking, collective intelligence, citizen deliberation and participation, sociology, philosophy, digital, artificial intelligence, data science, diplomacy, journalism, marketing, communications...

Les politiciens
En train de lire

Advisory Board

Micah L. Sifry

Civic Hall New York / 

The Connector

Micah L. Sifry.png
Alberto A.png

Alberto Alemanno

The Good

Lobby / Professor,

HEC Paris

Wietse van Ransbeeck.png

Wietse Van Ransbeeck

Co-founder & CEO of CitizenLab

Pierre Portevin.png

Pierre Portevin




Do, think, train,innovate

Civic Hall's activities are structured around 4 main strands of work:

Do: serving our residents, organizing workshops, developing technologies, offering Living Lab services...

Think: through publications and events, on- and offline

Train: via on- and offline learning sessions and workshops

Innovate: through collaborative R&I, hackathons, acceleration programmes...

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Past event


Public Innovation

Week 2021

The first edition of Brussels’ Public Innovation Week, launched in November 2021 in partnership with Dreamocracy and Tokvil Public Innovation Labs was designed to help address today’s greatest policy challenges through policy innovation. Here is what we learned.

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Past event

Make democracy

great at last !

Challenging times call for inventiveness and resilience. But are governments equipped to face today and tomorrow’s crises? On November 19, 2020, we held our first online summit to discuss and meet around this question with Civic Hall Brussels, Liberté Living Lab (Paris), CitizenLab, the Policy Lab, Dreamocracy and top experts from around the globe: Xavier Troussard (EU Policy Lab / New European Bauhaus), Claudia Chwalisz (OECD), Lex Paulson (School For Collective Intelligence), Carina Hallin (IT University of Copenhagen/MIT), Aline Muylaert (Citizen Lab), Ilse Taildeman (Brucity), Micah L.Sifry (Civic Hall New York), Emily Van Haute (Policy Lab), Magali Plovie (Brussels Parliament), Nicolas Stühlinger (Innovation in Politics Institute), Robyn Scott (Apolitical), Rudy Cambier (Liberté Living Lab).

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In partnership with :

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