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Policy Papers

The 'State as Catalyst'
paper Series

In this series of 7 papers the founders and original members of the Civic Hall Brussels explore how we could engineer our public interactions and institutions to catalyse real innovations, in time, at every governance level where they emerge and are needed.


We call this approach “the State as Catalyst”. Like the chemical substance without which a useful reaction doesn’t happen. 

The paper series will be brought together and published as a collaborative Civic Hall Brussels book later in 2022.

The first 2 papers have been released in July 2021 :

Stage as Catalyst - Age of Smart (Dreamocracy).png
State as Catalyst - Age of Stupid (Dreamocracy).png

01. Age of Stupid: How to (Not) Kill Creativity in Government        

02. Age of Smart: Is the State Equipped for Troubled Times?       

If your organization is interested in joining the thought process and the intellectual advocacy effort, the forthcoming papers will be written collaboratively. You may access the drafts as they currently stand and comment on them via the following links:

03. The State as Catalyst: When Public Authorities Facilitate Innovation    

04. Society’s Chief Innovation Officer: What the State as Catalyst Might Look Like

05. Liberté, Egalité, Créativité:  our Manifesto for the the 21st Century Democracy    

06. Concrete Hacks to Enable the State as Catalyst    

07. Ecosystems and Space as Catalyst   

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